Monday, June 9, 2014

Food Adventures: Comfort at my Table

I have been here on several occasions after first hearing about it on Urbanspoon. If you're going to catch the bus, I would recommend you look closely and to make sure you get off the right stop since the cafe is tucked in between many buildings off a main road. 

The outside and inside decor of the place looked so cute and well presented, very enticing for a customer like myself and the floral aspect of the cafe definitely lured me in. As I mentioned before, I've been to Comfort at my Table on several occasions now and so far, it has a left a wonderful impression on me. The staff were very welcoming and immediately showed us to a table. 

It's a great place to catch up with friends over brunch or to grab a coffee or one of their takeaway items in their displays. I'm a fan of their Eggs Benedict w/Salmon and BLT (but they've changed the menu since last time I went...)  

 BLT w/Avocado | Mocha

That time I went with Bella and Kristie

There was this one time where I went with Josh that was I found a disappointing but I'm not sure if it was my sudden criticalness (?) that I've acquired from spending so much time with him or maybe it was a just a one-off thing? Well anyway, hopefully I can revisit Comfort and my Table sometime soon since I'm getting so hungry just looking at these photos!

  Comfort at My Table on Urbanspoon

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