Friday, June 6, 2014

Food Adventures: Tippler's Tap

Hey you! I've decided to start something new on my blog which I'm going to call: Food Adventures (FA) since most of my photos seem to be food these days anyway. I'm going to add-on a new page tab dedicated to these posts so hopefully I'll keep this updates regularly. 

So, with that aside, Josh and I went to Tippler's Tap in Newstead (Josh really wanted to try this place out) on Thursday night after a long day of studying (for me at least...). The place is pretty much a pub and they're known for their craft beers and pub food. From the outside, the pub seems quite small and cosy but the moment I walked inside, I realised the place extended out a lot further than I initially thought. We were quickly seated and got our menus. 

Ordered at the counter.

Even though it was pub food, there was a nice range of food to choose from off the menu. We opted for the 5 sliders, 1 kg of chicken wings and chilli cheese fries! (Sounds like a lot of carbs...) There were three sliders to choose from: 
  • Pork belly: Caramel star anise, pickled cucumber & cilantro
  • Chi-town: Beef burger, cheese, onion & American mustard
  • Haloumi: Mushrooms, haloumi, beetroot marmalade & aioli  (my favourite one)
The chicken wings described as 'Spicy chicken wings with blue cheese & black sesame' weren't very spicy and tasted quite bland but all them wings for $10, we weren't really complaining.

Cider | Beer | Sliders | Chicken wings 

The chilli cheese fries tasted nice, like nachos but replace the corn chips with fries. The name is a bit deceiving because it wasn't actually spicy but our American friend later informed us that sometimes chilli cheese fries don't have chilli them...

Chilli Cheese Fries

To be honest I felt so full from all the carbs all I wanted to eat was a bowl of salad and it didn't seem like I was the only one because Josh also agreed. 

Overall, I thought Tippler's Tap was alright, not too bad but probably because I'm not that into beer and pub food so it's not as well suited to me. If you're someone who likes going to pubs or just chilling with a few friends I would recommend you go here to check it out! 

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