Friday, August 8, 2014

Food Adventures: Kiss the Berry Acaí Bar

Location // Shop 1, 99 Creek Street, Brisbane CBD 

When I first discovered acaí bowls last year, I was determined to try one as soon as possible in Brisbane but I was devastated when I never made it to Kiss the Berry's pop-up store they opened last year along Adelaide St (my timetable was horrible). Nevertheless, once I found out they were opening a store on Creek St. within the CBD, I eagerly awaited their opening. 

The interior cleverly incorporates a trendy, minimalistic design decorated with cute decor emphasising the environmentally conscious environment all the while complementing the narrow store. Kiss the Berry specialises in acaí [ah-sah-ee] bowls and smoothies however also serve coffee and healthy treats. For those of you that are wondering what acaí is, it's considered as one the most powerful and nutritious super foods that originated in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. Acaí is also rich in essential fatty acids, antioxidants, amino acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals and also low in sugar! Not to mention it's also super delicious.

Original KTB Bowl

My personal favourite has to be their Original KTB Bowl. The acaí blend contains organic acaí, banana, strawberries and apple juice topped with homemade granola (best granola, seriously), banana, strawberries, chia seeds and locally sourced honey. My homemade acaí bowls never seem to taste quite the same as theris. Plus, it's decently priced at $8.50 for a regular bowl and $11.00 for a large. For those who prefer more personalised bowls, you can add toppings and even coyo.

Kiss the Berry also has a large presence on social media so be sure to check them out on Facebook and especially Instagram where you can even earn free bowls by posting photos! For their first birthday, they ran a week long promotion with special deals every day of the week. 

Original KTB Bowl w/Goji Berries and Raw Cacao Nibs

Original KTB Bowl and Tropical Bowl

I definitely recommend Kiss the Berry as it one of my favourite places in the CBD. I can't stop going back for more and since summer is coming, I can foresee myself there at least once a week.

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Acai Berry Juice said...

We don't get that healthy bowl of fruits in restaurants here. Thanks for posting the pictures. I will make one for myself at home. Bananas, Acai Berry, Blueberry, and strawberry will be the prime ingredients. I wish I could be there too to enjoy food.