Friday, March 20, 2015

Food Adventures: Longtime

Location /  610 Ann St Fortitude Valley
Cuisine / Thai / Fusion / Cocktails

It all started with Caroline and her non-stop raves during work about this so called place in the Valley called 'Longtime'. She'd talk about it so often everyone at work had such high expectations and to tell you the truth, we weren't disappointed at all once we went. Location was great, food was great and company was amazing.

Since it's actually almost impossible to organise a dinner with our entire PT squad, half of us set out on a cute dinner, our stomachs ready for some Thai fusion.  

Located in an alleyway in the outskirts of the Valley, we took our seats at what seemed to be a large green oil barrel as we waited for a table. Even though it was only a Wednesday night, the restaurant was fully seated but we weren't complaining as we were accompanied by two bottles of champagne (followed by another while we were eating). 

Spent so long trying to figure out why it's 'LONgTIME'... still not sure why

The staff were so friendly and accommodating, constantly checking up on us and updating us while we were waiting. Once we were seated inside, I was amazed at how spacious the restaurant was! From walking in through the alleyway, I was definitely did not expect it at all. The aroma of the food smelt incredible and when I looked at the menu, my appetite became bigger than my stomach -- there were so many exotic yet enticing sounding dishes like Smoked Rice Noodle Nachos with Coconut Cheese Sauce & Dry Rubbed Pork Belly with Tamarind Black Pepper BBQ Sauce with Caramelised Pineapple Chunks just to name two out of like, a hundred (a little overexagguration there but you get what I mean).       

The restaurant was dimly lit hence the lighting in the photos haha

Our water glasses -- it's the little things that matter ;) 

Bar Snacks / Longtime Pulled Pork Hock Bao w/ Fried Egg & Pickled Greens

Bar Snacks / Longtime Fried Chicken Sandwich w/ Coriander Mayo

Bar Snacks / Smoked Rice Noodle Nachos with Coconut Cheese Sauce / These changed my life. So so so good.

Salads / Egg Net filled with BBQ Pork Belly, Battered Bay Prawns and Red Nahm Jim

Meats / Roasted Lamb Shoulder with Massaman Gravy, Picked Onions and Kifler Chips (highly recommend)

Curries / Green Curry of Slow Cooked Wagyu Knucke with Eggplant, Egg & Pickled Green Relish (served with rice) / Smokey Red Rice Fried with Garlic Chilli Paste

A dish I would highly recommend but sadly didn't get a chance to photograph since it was gone so fast is the Salted Crispy Pork Belly Pad See Uw Chow Cum and Pickled Chilli.  If you couldn't already tell from my previous Food Adventures, I'm currently really loving crispy Pork Belly. 

We were mainly looked after by two staff members who were so friendly and gave off such good vibes. One of the main things I notice at a restaurant is their level of service and Longtime definitely nailed it. I never ran out of water because they replenished our glasses so often!

By the time we had finished our mains, I'm sure we all well and truly had food babies, but nonetheless, we powered on and opted for all four desserts. No regrets.   

So blurry but oh so yum, my favourite dessert item out of the four / Sweetened Sticky Rice w/ Fresh Mango Nigiri and Coconut Ice-cream & Sesame Brittle

Green Mango + Sour Apple Jelly with Ginger Foam, Passionfruit Meringue & Watermelon Granita

Kaffir Lime and Black Pepper Pannacotta with Peach and Mixed Berry Jelly, Yoghurt, Pistachio and Dried Berry Shards

Riiiiiight at the baaaack you may get a glimpse of the / Aero Chocolate, Passionfruit Cream, Smoked Chocolate Sauce, Dehydrated Rasperberries, Lemon Custard Gelato

Price: $$$$ 
Food: ✮✮✮✮ 1/2
Service: ✮✮✮✮✮ 
Overall: ✮✮✮✮1/2

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